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“Planolitix is an incredible value add for my business. My clients love to see their world mapped out, this includes different financial scenarios to help build strategies to achieve their goals. It also goes hand in hand as an outstanding analysis tool for insurance solutions.”

Jaime James
Jaime James Financial & Insurance

Financial Planning

“Planolitix provides us with game-changing data which allows us to draw meaningful insights and actions for our clients. With the size of the NZ financial advice market, I never imagined a tool like this would be available locally.”

James Blair

Lighthouse Financial


“Planolitix has been essential for communicating with clients, being able to help them with creating a visual roadmap for their future, and measuring the financial impact of different decisions they are thinking about. Planolitix presents so well and is efficient and flexible in what it can do.”

Kieran Sutherland
CIC Financial


“Planolitix has made a big difference to my business, their tool is not only market leading from a client perspective, it allows me to operate in the most efficient way possible. The flexibility of the software to meet different needs, and its professional layout is the key.”

Marc Proctor
Blissett Wealth

Lifetime Cashflow Planning

“Lifetime cashflow modelling should be at the heart of our client advice process. Clients benefit from greater clarity about their financial situation, enabling them to make more informed decisions. Advisers get a client for life.”

John Coltman

Adviser Training

Tailored Customer Service

“The personal training I have experienced with the Planolitix team has been invaluable. It’s the foundation of all advice I give now. I’ve never experienced this kind of support in the industry and this has allowed me to really transform as an adviser.”

Shona Mookerjee

Insurance Market NZ

Advisers Clients

Client Feedback

“We wanted to acknowledge how much we enjoy working with you and your team. We found the wider discussion on our financial future valuable and wanted to call out your pragmatic and data driven approach.”

Jane & John (Clients)
Jaime James Financial & Insurance


We are proud to be providers to Massey University for students doing a ‘Bachelor of Business in Financial Planning & Advice’.

*Course 125.211: The Financial Planning Process