The overview tab creates a visual representation of the total property portfolio, tracking mortgage repayments, surplus income and increasing equity over time. Individual properties can be toggled on and off to establish the impact of each individual property on the portfolio; making it easier to decide which properties to hold or potentially sell. Over time, as properties create a surplus, decide whether these funds are kept within the portfolio to repay debt, or allow clients to take them as personal income.


Individual Properties

Each property has it’s own data collection to store specific loan details, as well as income and expenses, so these can be tracked over time. If properties are being held for the long term, repairs and renovations can also be included.

Where an aggressive property strategy is being considered, multiple purchases can be illustrated over a period of years. Regular top ups and lump sum repayments can be modelled if the properties need to be debt free by a certain point.

Researched assumptions are provided to model changing interest rates, capital gain and tax (depending on ownership) to create the base graphs. However, these are all editable to suit your client and the specifics of their portfolio.

QUICK-TIP: It is commonplace for clients with personal debt to structure their investment property debt on interest only. Use the loan structure assumptions to ensure that clients can still afford the loans once any interest only period expires.