Life Insurance

To best understand a client’s insurance need, you can build a picture in the software of how they want life to look in the event their partner passes prematurely. This could be more than just clearing debt, it can easily calculate the lump sum that might be needed to replace lost income into the household.

By demonstrating what a client needs, and how a life insurance claim might be used, advisers can guide clients about what level of cover makes sense, because they now understand the implications. Working together to find a solution builds trust and engagement, improving the adviser/client relationship.

Changing Plans

This section duplicates the information that has already been collected throughout the software. Revisit each of the modules and discuss with clients what they think life might look like; there might be an early return to full-time work to increase household income, renovations might be put on hold, or the family home downsized to release additional funds. Each data collection point is designed to assist the conversation, while also building a more accurate picture to support your life insurance recommendations.