Financial Architecture

Cashflow modelling is often perceived as something for the wealthy, those with large portfolios to invest. This is no longer the case. Financial modelling is for anybody that wants a clearer understanding of their current financial position and what that might look like going forwards.

Planolitix is a cashflow modelling tool. It assesses forecasted income, debt and expenditure and creates graphs that are clear and easy to understand. It encourages conversations with your clients around what they want their future to look like, then by adjusting the inputs, you can create a strategy to help them achieve their goals.

Throughout the software, the modelling is demonstrated as two graphs: Mortgage Repayment Comparisons and Lifetime Cashflows. The Mortgage Repayment Comparison compares a standard mortgage term against a client’s ability to clear debt faster from surplus income. The Lifetime Cashflows graph typically starts where the mortgage graph finishes, and shows a client accumulating savings, then spending them through retirement.

Each section works through aspects of a client’s financial world and is designed to work with the data collection you are already doing. Preset inputs means it only takes a small amount of information to create the graphs, where you want to go from there is up to you.