Creating financial technology 
that’s accessible.

Planolitix is a software company with a progressive view on the delivery of financial services. Royden, with his advisory background, and Sam with her design expertise, founded the powerful online platform in 2020. Now this analysis tool is transforming how people model their finances — bringing clarity and confidence in a ever-changing financial world.


Passionate about sharing our 
platform to help others.

Our combined backgrounds of advisory, design and education actively supports the financial community to help them succeed.

Royden Shotter



“There was no suitable modelling software in the market, so I created my own in Excel. When it came time to build the online platform, we decided it was too good not to share with the rest of the Adviser community.”

Royden Shotter is a practising Financial Planner with more than 20 years of experience across mortgages, insurance, investment and retirement planning. Outside of his Advisory role he actively engages with the wider financial advice industry, advocating for action that improves adviser and client outcomes.

Royden is responsible, not only for creating the calculations that drive Planolitix, but is constantly seeking new ways to improve functionality, ensuring we stay current in an ever-changing financial landscape.

As an advocate for higher education, Royden completed his Massey University studies and CFPCM, adhering to the high standards of professional competency and ethics required.

Email: royden@planolitix.com
Mobile: 021 279 9898
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How Royden can help

  • Brand ambassador and publicity
  • Introductory software demos
  • Advisory education/consultancy
  • Strategic business initiatives and opportunities

Sam Fieulaine


“Financial tools traditionally haven’t been the most user-friendly, so in order for Planolitix to be accessible for all, I knew a solid user experience and intuitive interface design had to be a core part of the development process.”

Samantha Fieulaine has more than 20 years experience in the Design and Advertising industry, working with leading agencies and prominent brands.

Her background and insight is invaluable in ensuring the software is intuitive, with a focus on ease-of-use and built-in resources for self-learning. As Head of Software Operations she works closely with the external development team on the design, creation and deployment of new features. Sam is constantly driving software improvement and functionality along the wider strategic direction of the company in its vision to become leaders in the financial literacy space.

Sam holds a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design from Auckland University of Technology.

Email: sam@planolitix.com
Mobile: 027 209 9087
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How Sam can help

  • Software design, functionality and development initiatives
  • Onboarding of new advisory firms
  • Base software training and trouble-shooting
  • Business immersion sessions for advisers to support their systems and processes
  • ‘Advice Template’ training and implementation
  • Branding, marketing and promotions
  • Strategic business initiatives and opportunities

Zoe Klomp



“Financial Literacy is something everyone should have. I want to empower people to take control of their financial futures, so they can build the life they want.”

Zoe Klomp is a practicing Financial Adviser, who also has an extensive background in education – both academic and practical. This gives her the unique ability to not only tailor training to each adviser’s needs, but also understand their businesses practices and processes.

Her focus is on empowering advisers to embrace a client-focussed, data driven, process. Working with advisers to adapt process to ensure they are both streamlined and compliant. She also supports our education initiatives, currently working with Massey, integrating Planolitix into their Bachelor of Business.

Zoe holds a Masters Degree in Education from Auckland University along with a number of other Adult and Further Education Qualifications. She holds a Level 5 Certificate in Financial Services.

Email: zoe@planoloitix.com
Mobile: 021 194 2711
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How Zoe can help

  • Base software training and applying financial modelling to clients
  • Advice consultation and creation
  • Business immersion sessions for advisers to support their systems and processes

Our mission is to support the Financial Adviser community and their clients, as well as promote financial literacy initiatives for the wider public and the next generation.


Planolitix is a software company with a progressive view of how financial services can be delivered. Lifetime Cashflow Modelling, while well established in the international market, is still fairly new to New Zealand. Planolitix moves away from the product-centred approach, focussing instead on understanding an individuals needs based on real data.

Our vision is to create a tool that is accessible for advisers and their clients, as well as the wider public. We believe everyone should have access to strategic financial advice and tools — guiding them to make better financial decisions in this ever-changing financial climate.

Providing quality education and improving financial literacy underpins our values, and we are proud to support future Financial Advisers studying through Massey University


We are proud to be providers 
for Massey University students 
doing a ‘Bachelor of Business in Financial Planning & Advice’.

*Course 125.211: The Financial Planning Process