To get a clearer picture of what a client could achieve in a lifetime, part of that discussion is understanding their career path and what they stand to earn. Younger clients often have lower incomes while they are still in education or training, but may rise to a much higher income later on. Alternatively, some clients may choose to take a period of time away from work, perhaps to spend time with young children, or to volunteer overseas. Planolitix is extremely flexible, with the ability to start and stop income, or have multiple income streams at once.


Lump Sums

Not all household income is salaried; the sale of property, investments, or an inheritance can also produce a lump sum. This section takes the inputs from other sections and makes them interactive. Demonstrate a client moving into a smaller home, or gradually downsizing their property portfolio to support retirement. Planolitix automatically calculates the real return on an investment over time, so by changing the age at which an asset is sold, you can demonstrate the difference in income.

QUICK-TIP: Use the scenario builder to save different models, it can be a good way for a client to understand the financial implications of their options.