Property & Assets

Collecting detailed information about a client’s assets builds a better understanding of their wider financial world, and what they have to fall-back on where circumstances change. Once the data has been collected, changes can be modelled; properties can be renovated, up-graded, or sold to fund retirement.


While a straightforward and simple approach to KiwiSaver can be used, more detail can be entered to establish a client’s capacity and tolerance for risk. Whether additions are from salaried income, or voluntary contributions, the software projects returns forward, estimating a balance at the elected retirement age.


Each investment has it’s own data collection to record specific details (that may, or may not come under an existing adviser mandate) and these can be tracked over time. Their individual availability can then be toggled on and off to anticipate which investments should be kept for the longer term (such as art or forestry), or included in a managed portfolio. Alternatively, where investments are indicated as available for reallocation, they can be used to repay debt, reducing financial pressure on the household.