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data collector

Planolitix redefines the adviser/client relationship, empowering clients to make more informed decisions about their future in real time, with their Financial Adviser as navigator.

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Better advice. Better business.

Planolitix is a diagnostic analysis tool that uses cashflow modelling to create a graph-based picture of your client’s financial position at every stage of life.

Use analysis to improve
the quality of advice.

Now there is a tool that takes data collection to the next level. It creates a live, visual representation of a client’s financial world.

The financial modelling not only projects the current situation forwards, but allows for changes in income, housing, family and other anticipated plans.

Informative graphics make it easier for clients to understand the reasoning behind any advice. This generates trust in the process, improving the adviser/client relationship.

It empowers clients to make more informed decisions about their future, with their Financial Adviser as navigator.

Evidence that advice is
suitable and meets regulation.

Regulation is driving change and advisers are looking at ways to meet these new expectations.

While experienced professionals have a good instinct for what a client needs and what product is best suited to meet those needs, they currently have very little process to evidence that their advice is suitable or results in a good outcome for clients.

Planolitix is a new smart way of collecting data, using an online platform that turns a clients financial information into a picture of where they’re heading. Not only does it provide insights into why advice should be taken, it also bridges the gap between collecting information and a creating a statement of advice.

Collaborate with other
financial professionals.

Planolitix has been designed with the flow of information in mind. Rather than passing on a referral where each financial professional repeats their own data collection, Planolitix has the ability to invite other professionals in either temporarily or permanently.

Using the custom ‘Scenario Builder’, each adviser can create different models to demonstrate the reasoning behind their advice before any decisions are made

One set of client data, in one place, everybody taking from it what they need, to do a better job than they did before.

No more advice in isolation.


Everything in one place.

Planolitix is built to compliment your current process. Modules are designed to work with minimal input, or be as complex as you need them to be so you can create better advice.

Planolitix Overview

Planolitix takes data collection one step further. Using Lifetime Cashflow modelling to create a graph-based picture of your client’s current financial position and project it forwards.

Client Dashboard

A quick snapshot of a client’s financial picture in one place. Key figures and graphs make it easy to assess a client’s position during meetings or important phone calls.

Income & Lump Sums

Model multiple income streams, or show the impact of changing incomes over time. Include lump sums such as downsizing homes in retirement, or an incoming inheritance.

Expenses & Budgets

Client’s can track their current expenses, or build a new budget to improve their overall financial picture. Include one-off and recurring expenses like car replacements or overseas holidays.

Property & Assets

Property & Assets not only includes the current value, but projects the potential earnings on investments. Show clients what KiwiSaver might be available for their first home, or to retire with.

Mortgage & Projects

Mortgage & Projects not only captures the structure of existing loans, but also includes the ability to model future mortgages for houses or large renovation projects.

Investment Property

Assess the quality of a client’s investment property portfolio. Each property has it’s own capital gain and yield assumptions, as well as the ability to update tax assumptions.


Analyse a client’s potential life insurance needs and project the impact of a lump sum insurance payout. Client’s and regulators can easily understand the reasoning behind any recommendations.


For the more advanced users, the tables section allows you to check the cashflows data.
 See exactly how each input is dealt with in the program and how it changes from year to year.


There wasn’t an intuituve off-the-shelf solution for financial modelling, so I designed my own.


Planolitix is a software company with a fresh perspective on how financial services can be delivered.

Founder and creator Royden Shotter is a practicing Financial Planner (AFA, CFPCM)  with more than 20 years of experience across mortgages, insurance, investment and retirement planning.

Where suitable modelling tools weren’t available, he built his own and spent the last 10 years refining it. This has now been transformed into an online platform to share with the rest of the Financial Adviser community.


Financial diagnostics
for everyone.

Choose the right plan so you can collect data smarter
and bring confidence to any financial modelling.

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  • Training Videos
  • Personal Information
  • Property & Assets
  • Mortgage & Projects
  • Income & Lump Sums
  • Expenses & Budgets
  • Investment Property
  • Scenario Builder
  • Share with your professionals*
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  • Introductory Training
  • Personal Information
  • Property & Assets
  • Mortgage & Projects
  • Income & Lump Sums
  • Expenses & Budgets
  • Investment Property
  • Insurances
  • Scenario Builder
  • Reports
  • Client Sign-in
  • Share with other professionals**
Includes gst and transaction fees.
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Answers to your questions

What you need to know for the Beta launch.

  • We are currently focussing on Beta testing. As advisers feedback to us what functionality they would like added, we can look to make updates to the software. We are aiming for a launch to the wider Financial Adviser early 2020. If you are interested in becoming a Beta user, please contact our support team on 09-222 2390 or fill in the form below.

  • Planolitix is primarily a data collection and analysis tool. There are a number of choices for workflow tools available on the market. We ate in talks with a couple of CRM’s that are interested in possibly integrating Planolitix into their systems. If you are an interested in backing your CRM or workflow tools into the software, we are happy to work with CRM’s – contact us and we’ll see what’s possible.

  • Theoretically anything is possible. We are willing to work with CRM providers and engineer API’s out of Planolitix, but the CRM provider would also have to be willing to work us too.

  • Planolitix is designed with user functionality in mind and we think it’s fairly intuitive. There are also information and video buttons throughout the software. If you are interested in one-on-one training, contact us for options.

  • Ensuring that client’s data is secure is very important to us. We use Amazon Web Services, which are currently the gold standard for security. They are constantly updating to meet new security standards. We are considering dual factor authentication as part of the login process in the future.

    Also within the software, Planolitix administration cannot see any of your clients details.

  • There are plans for all sorts of extra functionality in the future. One being worked on currently is a downloadable and editable advice template.